How to choose desk riser?

Considering that most of people work in a company, it takes 7-8 hours to sit.  However, the electric sit-stand table is not suitable for use in the office.  And electric lifting table is also a little expensive.  So, here comes the desk riser, relying on the lifting platform can also achieve standing up and working easily.  So what exactly is the desk riser?

To put it bluntly, an desk riser is a small table that can be moved up and down.  The application range is very wide, all kinds of office desktop can be used.  (As long as it can be put down, the desk riser is OK)

desk riser

(1)Common X type

desk riser 1


X - type structure of the lifting platform stability is better, easy to use. There are generally two kinds of gear adjustment and stepless adjustment.Stepless adjustment, the scope of application is relatively wide, for a table height, can be used. But the price will be relatively expensive. And the most basic only a stall adjustment of the lifting platform, the price is more cost-effective.

(2)Single layer desk riser or double layer desk riser

Intuitively, there are two forms of desk converter:

double layer desk converter
single layer desk converter

Double layer desk converter Single layer desk converter

If you use a large screen monitor at work, it is recommended to get a double layer desk converter. As a result, the height of the display is raised, and it also saves itself a place for the keyboard and mouse. A double layer desk converter like this has more area. If the usual work is a notebook , a single-layer layer desk converter is enough. If it is a double desk converter, it is gild the lily.

(3)Height adjustment range

Measure your original table height in advance, and then add the adjustable height of the desk riser.

In addition, there are two kinds of hover options for lifting height:

Gear lifting: lift up and down after determining the height of the desk riser through the buckle.Generally, there is only a height to choose the desk converter, the price will be cheaper. However, I still suggest to start with the lifting platform, adjustable range is wider.

Stepless lifting: there is no height limit, you can hover at any position. It also has a higher degree of fineness for height.

(4)Weight bearing

Generally speaking, the maximum bearing capacity of the single-layer desk riser will be smaller, but not very small. The minimum is 7kg.The load bearing range of double layer desk riser can reach 15kg.

Post time: Jul-09-2022