How to Install a TV in a Corner?

When a room has limited wall space or you don't want the TV to become too noticeable and disrupt the interior design, mounting it in the corner or other "dead space" is a fantastic option. As opposed to flat walls, corners have a somewhat different behind-wall structure, making corner TV wall mount installation a little more challenging. Therefore, LUMI is here to help you if your customers run into problems during an installation. With our thorough instruction manuals and step-by-step guidelines, you will have all you need to sell to and support your clients.


Know Your TV

How big? How big is the VESA pattern? What's the weight?

The first step before mounting is to acquire information on the specifications of your TV, whether you currently possess one or intend to buy one. From the TV's packaging, the manual, or by just Googling the make and model number of the TV, you can learn its size, VESA pattern, and weight. Also keep in mind that the TV should weigh no more than the mount can support.

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Choose a Corner TV Wall Mount

What kind should I buy? Can you attach a curved TV?

It's time to start looking for the ideal TV corner mount. Write down the dimensions of the TV's screen, its weight, and the appropriate viewing angle before choosing a mount. We suggested a full-motion mount for the corner since it has longer arms that extend from the mount, allowing for the mounting of larger TVs there. When not in use, the TV can be pulled back into the corner to maintain the illusion of a tidy room. Check out CHARMOUNT's WPLB-2602 Full-motion Corner TV Wall Mount if you're looking for a full motion TV wall mount for corner use that can be extended away from the wall, tilts to decrease sun glare, and even fits curved screens.

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Attach the TV

How is the TV installed?

You can begin installing your TV as soon as you've chosen a TV and a mount for it. Always read the instruction booklet that is provided with every CHARMOUNT TV mount (customizable), as per our advise. To attach the mount to the TV VESA plate, follow the instructions in the instruction manual and use the proper tools and accessories. To preserve the screen during mounting, don't forget to place the TV face-down on a soft surface.


Planning Wall Placement

How high should a TV be mounted in the corner? How far should the separation be?

Keep the height of the TV as close to eye-level as you can when deciding where to mount it because you don't want to have to crane your neck to see your favorite shows. Remember to check that the distance from the corner isn't too close or too distant after you've established the ideal height for your viewing level. When using a full-motion mount, you should also be careful that the TV does not pull too near to the main viewing area.


Attach the TV Mount to the Wall

Can a corner TV mount be installed on a wall stud? How?

On a brick or stud wall, a full-motion corner TV wall mount can be installed. Finding the studs in the wall before drilling into it and putting the TV is the most crucial step in mounting to studs. The studs are typically sixteen inches apart, therefore it's always better to find the studs with the use of a cheap stud finder that you can buy at almost any nearby hardware store. once the studs have been located. Most importantly, make sure there are no pipes or buried cables in the area where you wish to put the TV for safety. After making sure it's secure and locating the studs, you can note the locations of the holes to drill for the installation.

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Accessories for Storage and Cable Management 

For controlling and routing wire and cable, the majority of TV mounts, including full-motion TV wall mounts, come with cable clips or cable covers. However, the answer is unquestionably yes if you're asking if there are any attachments and parts that can assist with wire management and storage goods. To combine your TV wall mount with shelves, CHARMOUNT offers cable management add-ons and storage shelves that install immediately beneath your TV. 


To witness the entire installation of a corner TV wall mount, click the installation video. Get in touch with us and let our marketing staff assist you if you wish to brand the CHARMOUNT installation films with your company logo!


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Post time: Jun-30-2023