TV hanger installation is a matter of safety! Don’t take it lightly

Now the TV is an essential part of every family in the home appliances. LCD is popular in the market .It’s a kind of decoration in our sitting room. TV mounts as an auxiliary tool, it can let the TV have a very good place to be put.The installation of TV is very important.If TV is without TV mounts, Still can’t quite achieve the best effect of our TV watching.

The installation of the TV mounts, directly affect the rendering of the television, will also affect the security problem of it. Good installation, not only ensure the safety of the stability of the TV set, also can present a best picture, even may serve as a decoration. How to install the TV mounts in order to achieve these effects?

Here I will introduce the steps and precautions for the installation of the TV hanger for your reference.


First, the installation of TV hanger — installation procedures
The first is to be ready to install the material.In the purchase of time you must pay attention to the quality of the hanger and hardware; In the TV hanger installation in strict accordance with the contents of the manual operation, the general steps are relatively simple, the most important is hands-on ability; When choosing the location of the TV hanger, do not choose the load-bearing wall or the place with strong humidity and luminosity; The installation of TV hanger is not very difficult, but certain skill is needed when undertaking the processing of wiring interface, all sorts of wiring interface do not conflict with wall, also cannot too too bend, put the line in the back of TV commonly, notice put apart proper position when installing so.

TV wall mount bracket 1

Second, the installation of TV hanger — the choice of hanger
TV hanger in the selection of the first to see their own TV size, and then according to the size of the TV to choose the corresponding range of TV hanger; Pay attention to the weight of the TV, according to the TV hanger can bear the range to see whether to meet the requirements; According to the hole location range of the TV, the hole location at the back of the TV meets the demand.

Third, the installation of TV hanger — the choice of tools
You need to see what kind of type is after buying of TV mounts, and then have a look at the rack above the size of the screw hole position, choose the right size bolts according to the space of the number of nails, bolts choice, with what kind of impact drill is determined, the size of the drill bit decided to play out the size of the hole.The diameter of the hole need to be matched with the size of the bolts.If you really do not understand the business can consult.

Fourth, Installation of TV hanger — Precautions for installation
First of all, when choosing the TV mount, we should pay attention to whether the TV hole is regular, four holes, or rectangular or square shape; When choosing a TV bracket, there are many choices.Generally divided into ordinary fixed TV mount, ordinary adjustable TV mount, single arm swivel TV mount, multi-function TV mount and so on.We must be particularly careful when choosing.

Ordinary TV mount can simply hang the TV on the wall with low bearing capacity. It is characterized by thin, low requirements on the wall.Cantilever TV mount belongs to multi-function, can adjust the Angle, from the Angle to watch TV, relatively high requirements on the wall, generally used in large size TELEVISION; Generally TV rack installation should have a certain space on the back of the TV.Up and down around there should be a cooling space,at least 15 cm distance between the rack and the wall; Installation of the TV hanger is also a very important problem, need to find a professional installation, or professionals in the side of guidance, so that you can avoid some safety problems.

TV wall mount bracket 2

The above is my introduction to the installation of the TV hanger from the steps of the installation process, matters needing attention and choices. I hope to be helpful to you.

Post time: Jul-15-2022